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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the teachers and staff screened and security checked?

All our staff have an up to date DBS (formerly a Criminal Records Bureau, CRB check) and this is regularly monitored.

Do the students have to wear a particular item of clothing?

All our students are issued with an On Stage Theatre Arts Academy T shirt for which a small charge is made. Each student is asked to wear either black leggings, black track suit bottoms or black dance skirts and will need to obtain the appropriate shoes for the dance style they are learning at the time.

"It is very important for safety, control and style that the students wear appropriate shoes to give maximum comfort, control and protection" (Liz Coggins).

We can obtain the necessary shoes at a discounted rate on behalf of the student/parent, payment for such to be made upon receipt of the shoes.

During our production shows all costumes are supplied however items such as tights, undershirts/vest must be supplied by the parent at their own cost. In certain groups these will required to be "professional dance tights in an appropriate colour and our staff can advise where these may be purchased

I want my child to attend as much as possible but there may be some courses they cannot attend due to other family commitments, is it possible for them to miss some classes?

The classes are carefully planned to flow from week to week and whilst an odd absence may always happen due to unforeseen circumstances, we would ask parents to ensure when first joining that any disruption/non-attendance is avoided where possible. Acceptance for a place is based on a 100% attendance given the waiting list.

Can I attend the classes and observe/watch my child?

We do not allow any parents to be a "spectator" during classes.

My child has an impediment/condition that may affect others or their own ability in class, should I be worried about this?

Our Principal strongly believes that all students should be given an opportunity "in life" regardless.

If any parent has such concerns then we will discuss such concerns prior to application and/or acceptance.

"We will never discriminate against any student and we will always encourage students from all walks of life" (Liz Coggins).

Can I pay for each session individually each week?

All fees for each term are payable in advance for the whole term.

Can I pay by credit or debit card?

We take cheques or cash payment only.

Are there any other costs during term time?

As the students progress they will require professional dance shoes when performing in regular annual shows and there will be a charge for the purchase of such which we obtain at a discounted price.

Additionally, when we organise our regular visits to Scarborough to see a show produced by our patron Tony Peers we arrange for transport (mini bus) and there is a fee for this per person (i.e. student, students parents who can accompany their child) and in addition to this there is a discounted ticket price for the show for adults but the students show tickets are free.

Some parents choose the option of arranging their own transport, which is acceptable.

We are currently looking out additional trips for other shows in the future and these will appear initially in our "enrolled student section" on our website. This is a private section link via the website for the use of students and parents. 

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